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There are important factors to look into when deciding on your wedding photographer. We hope this article might ease some your struggle, and help you choose Black & White studio Abu Dhabi


5 Do’s for your Wedding Photography


When it comes to photography for your wedding maximize your budget, it is the only thing you will have at the end of it all that captures all the memories and tell a story of the day. Don’t skimp on your photographer because of your tight budget.Don’t forget to get the best at the best price. In our case, speak to our photographers to get them to work around your budget.


2.Meet up

To get the best out of your photographers its important to meet them before the wedding. You have to discuss the details that will play a vital role in getting your picture perfect fairytale. Not saying you have to be best buddies with your photographer but you should feel comfortable with them.When booking us for your wedding photography, do come and meet us to discuss.


3.View their work

Before hiring photographer or even videographers, view their recent work, go through their albums. Your looking for quality photos that speak a thousand words. Our doors are open for you to view our recent work and get excited for your wedding photography.


4.Go with your gut

If their work is great, your comfortable and trust them go with your gut.



Now that you’ve selected a photographer your completely happy,  with you can relax. Our team of professionals want you to relax and enjoy your day and leave the stress to us.


5 Don’ts for your Wedding Photography

1.Don’t wait too long

The best wedding photographers get booked quickly, as soon as you set a wedding date book your photographer ASAP. If you know your date pick up your phone and give us call on 02446 4221 for more details.


2.Don’t make a family member your photographer

The worst thing you can do is ask a family member to be your photographer, unless they are a professional photographer. You might end up regretting and questioning your self about why you didn’t get a professional for such a special day.


3.Don’t direct your photographer

You’ve chosen a professional who takes photos for a living, don’t teach him how to do his job. It could not only piss them off but also stress your self out. Its your wedding day enjoy the moment leave it to the professionals to give you their best.


4.Don’t have a list of set staged photos

We all have that Pintrest album with amazing shots to take for our weddings, but know that everyone has a different story to tell. Different locations and most importantly timing. You don’t want to be stressed and trying to get a fictional shot and miss out on the moment. Live for the moment enjoy the experience with your spouse and the photos will be magical.


5.Don’t have your pockets filled

This ones for the guys, makes sure when your getting ready for the shoot to empty your pockets. A bulge in the pockets can be very unpleasing to see in wedding photos. Remember to get rid of the keys, wallets and phones. Your with your loved ones and the most important person in your life on that day, you don’t need your phone or anything else for that matter ,you are the groom.


Wedding Photography plays a major role in your wedding planning and execution. Decide wisely and take a look at our gallery, speak to our professionals to get the best photos money can buy. Black & White studio will not disappoint you.


View our YouTube page to see some of our wedding videography.

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