Elie & Petia’s Wedding Teaser

Elie & Petia's Wedding Teaser

Wedding Teaser of Elie & Petia

Elie & Petia’s wedding teaser that was held at St.Regis Dubai. The beautiful couple had an elegant wedding in the heart of Dubai, full of laughter and cheer. Working with couples as such are a breeze. They not only make it easier for you to do your job but make it fun and worth doing what you do.

When the groom catches a glimpse of the bride or capturing that moment he watches his beautiful bride walk down the aisle reminds us how wonderful it is to be working with people so closely and be grateful to them for sharing these moments with us.

Black & White Studio Contribution

In addition to full length videos of events we offer teasers that provide a glimpse of the special day.

Our competent, hardworking team is dedicated to our customers & their families to look back at the special day in awe.


If you like to have us capture your special day, call us at 02 446 4221

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